Wednesday, May 22, 2019
on.lus a charitable or non-profit foundation; and Italian acronym for organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale

Blackrock take gold, after a tight battle at the 14th Annual Golf Tournament!
Another beautiful day, gifted to us by Roberto, for the 14th annual golf tournament.
Not a patch on Espion at the 13th annual golf tournament
The 13th annual Spagnolli Bazzoni Onlus Golf Tournament was a great success and Roberto arranged for the sun to shine on us all day!
UBS lead the way at the 12th annual Spagnolli Bazzoni Onlus Golf Tournament
The 12th annual Spagnolli Bazzoni Onlus Golf Tournament was a great success and thankfully the rain held off for much of the day!
HSBC take home the cup!!
The sun fought its way through the clouds on Saturday 15th September for our 12th annual tag rugby tournament in Railway Union sports club.
Corporate Changes
In order to better face the difficult period originated by the worldwide financial crisis, the Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Board (“RBO”) in Italy decided, in its meeting on July 15th 2010, to merge the RBO with the "Associazione Amici Sen. Giovanni Spagnolli", that is one of the Italian Charities supporting Dr. Carlo Spagnolli.
A new team take home the trophy!!
Saturday September 10th saw our 11th annual Tag Rugby Tournament at Railway Union Sports Club in glorious sunshine.
YouTube footage and stories from the ground: Zimbabwe Trip, May 2011
Sebastiano with Giuliano, Chairman of the Giovanni Spagnolli Association and Carlo Paglia, a Director of the RBO, visited Zimbabwe and all our running projects from 15 to 21 May 2011.
Viaggio in Zimbawe dal 15 al 21 mag 2011
Sebastiano con Giuliano, Presidente della Associazione Giovanni Spagnolli e Carlo Paglia, Consigliere della RBO, hanno visitato lo Zimbabwe e tutti i progetti in corso dal 15 al 21 mag 2011.
A sunny and successful day for the 10th Annual Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Golf Tournament!
Pioneer Investments showed off their golfing talent on the day!
Roberto Bazzoni Onlus 2010 Annual Report
Another great win for PwC!
Five in a row for PriceWaterhouseCoopers as we celebrate the 10th RBO Tag Rugby Tournament.
A great turnout for the 9th Annual Robert Bazzoni Onlus Golf Tournament!
In excess of €55,000 raised to help with the task of saving lives.
Roberto Bazzoni Onlus 2009 Annual Report
Summer camp for people with disabilities at Ulqin (Montenegro)
The ninth Summer camp for disabled people took place by the seaside at Ulqin at the end of August.
Four in a row for PwC!
Another great day at Railway Union Sports Club and another great win for PriceWaterhouseCoopers!
Trip to Zimbabwe: 15 – 22 June 2009
After arriving safely in Zimbabwe, the first port of call for Sebastiano and Carlo Spagnolli was the Luisa Guidotti Hospital in Mutoko
The sun shone at the 8th Annual Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Charity Golf Tournament!
In excess of €41,000 raised to help with the task of saving lives.
Roberto Bazzoni Onlus 2008 Annual Report
“Brass Attack!”
The 7th Annual Fundraising Gala of the Roberto Bazzoni Onlus,
Friday, November 7 2008
Roberto Bazzoni Onlus sponsors Summer Camp for Children
3 groups of disabled people are treated to some fun at Ulquini, Kosovo, 23 Aug – 4 Sept 2008
Boston's Fall Gala to Feature Renowned Dance Band “Brass Attack!”
RBO Boston Fall Gala Fundraiser "Brass Attack!" to be Held on November 7, 2008

© 2011 Roberto Bazzoni Onlus, a charitable or non-profit organization, merged on 26 May 2011 with “Associazione Amici Senatore Giovanni Spagnolli”.
The name of the new entity resulting from the merger is “Associazione Spagnolli – Bazzoni Onlus”.