Corporate Change
In order to better face the difficult period originated by the worldwide financial crisis, the Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Board (“RBO”) in Italy decided, in its meeting on July 15th 2010, to merge the RBO with the "Associazione Amici Sen. Giovanni Spagnolli", that is one of the Italian Charities supporting Dr. Carlo Spagnolli. The merger was finalized in May 2011.

If we try to strike a balance of the RBO’s results, we can summarize them by saying that:
  • we operated successfully four main projects (Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe), in eleven years, and we are ensuring financial coverage for three additional years to all of them. We have no doubt that the Charities directly involved in these projects, HandiKOS for Kosovo, Arca Italia for Kazakhstan and the Order of the Daughters of Jesus Christ Crucified for the RDC, have developed their capabilities of successfully running their projects, that are viable.
  • additionally, the main project, directly dealing with lives to be saved, which is the fight against AIDS in Zimbabwe, will be prosecuted beyond our initial financial support. This is because the new Charity will take on its shoulders the moral burden of ensuring that the life-saving treatments will not be interrupted. It was the same moral engagement that the RBO’s Members accepted on 3 December 2001, when it was resolved to start the Zimbabwe project. The number of patients affected by AIDS we are now treating is over 2,000.
The positive side of the merger is that the projects we have cherished will continue to run, although in a different shape.


© 2011 Roberto Bazzoni Onlus, a charitable or non-profit organization, merged on 26 May 2011 with “Associazione Amici Senatore Giovanni Spagnolli”.
The name of the new entity resulting from the merger is “Associazione Spagnolli – Bazzoni Onlus”.