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Summer camp for people with disabilities at Ulqin (Montenegro)

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The ninth Summer camp for disabled people took place by the seaside at Ulqin at the end of August. It was attended by some 150 people, divided in three groups according to their specific disability.

The purpose of the “Camp” is twofold: first of all give all these people a break by the seaside, which they generally have never seen, and secondly there is a learning process involving the people with disabilities, who learn how to cope with it, to socialize with other people like them, how to use the equipment they possess. At the same time, it is a learning process for their relatives who, for the first time, live together with other people, often from the same city, having their identical problems. There is an exchange of information, of awareness and after a few days the unexpected thing happens: parents and relatives stay together, and children play together, away from parents, enjoying the new friends.


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