RBO Trip to Zimbabwe: 15 – 22 June 2009
After arriving safely in Zimbabwe, the first port of call for Sebastiano and Carlo Spagnolli was the Luisa Guidotti Hospital in Mutoko, where they met the Hospital Director, Mrs Pesaresi, to discuss the RBO’s support of the hospital and plans for the coming years. At present the Hospital is treating about 1,000 patients affected by AIDS. The Luisa Guidotti Hospital is the only functioning hospital centre in a catchment area of 1.4 million people.

From Mutoko to the Giovanni Spagnolli Centre in Harare. Sebastiano and Carlo discussed the current economic situation and its affect on the charity with the Responsibles there. They were all very understanding of the situation and ready to help in any way.

Next stop was a visit to St. Michael’s Hospital in Ngezi. This is perhaps the most rural and remote area of the four where the treatment is delivered. It covers 70sq. km and the population is very dispersed in small communities all over the area. The meeting with the Responsible for St. Michael’s Hospital and two local doctors was very fruitful.

The last visit was to the St. Marcellin orphanage, where 73 children are taken care of in a very warm and pleasant atmosphere. The sweets and goodies are appreciated very much by the children there!

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