YouTube footage and stories from the ground: Zimbabwe Trip, May 2011
Sebastiano Bazzoni, Giuliano Tasini and Carlo Paglia

Sebastiano with Giuliano, Chairman of the Giovanni Spagnolli Association and Carlo Paglia, a Director of the RBO, visited Zimbabwe and all our running projects from 15 to 21 May 2011.

To read the trip notes, please click here.

We had the opportunity of shooting a footage on the occasion of our visit to the G. Spagnolli Centre for the Promotion of Women on May 20th, where a welcome ceremony was held, with the presence of some 120 of the women treated in the Centre. We selected four parts of the footage, and we give you below the You Tube links:

 1st part - Welcome songs
 2nd part - Prisca’s introduction
 3rd part - Thank you
 4th part - Drama

I believe the most important testimony is in part 2, Prisca’s introduction. Here we see how these women have won what in the first phases of our fight against AIDS was THE big stumbling block on the road to the treatment: the stigma of the disease. It was considered a shame to be HIV positive, and all was hidden, until it was too late. Today -most happily- this has changed, and some women wear a T-shirt with the sentence: “Don’t be negative about being positive”. What a difference with our first years!

I hope you will enjoy the direct testimony of these women who have fought the disease and now are able to live a “normal” life, thanks to the treatment and loving care provided to them.

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