Project Congo
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What: Construction of a new operation theatre in Yakamba's small hospital. The aim of the programme is to provide medical aid to the local population. This will be done through prevention and through cure of the most simple to the most serious of illnesses. For example, leprosy, tuberculosis, AIDS and sleeping sickness.
Why: The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Here more than half of the population live on under one dollar per day.
Where: With the Missionary Congregation of the Children of Christ, Yakamba.
Who: Dr.Carlo Spagnolli is our technical collaborator
When: 2002 : The Onlus receives the request for financial aid
2003 : Work begins March
: Construction of the structure is complete. Fit out of the operation theatre in progress.
Update: The Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Board (“RBO”) in Italy decided, in its meeting on July 15th 2010 and after an accurate analysis of the possibilities, to donate to the Congo, Kosovo and Kazakhstan projects the funding for the next three years for the projects so far supported by the RBO. Donations were made in December 2010.



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