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Developments in Kazakhstan
29th November 2004 - At the moment only 8 of the original 48 children who were at Talgar are still there. 15 are in a state orphanage and 25 are temporarily with their parents or relations. The 12 who were at Almaty were also temporarily moved back to their parents or relations. For more information on the current situation, please read the recent trip notes.

What: Financial support of the Arca Village, a centre created as a family home for disabled and abandoned children. The aim of the project is to help to reintegrate these children into the community so that they might ultimately lead an independent life.
Why: Kazakhstan orphanages are in a state of disaster. This is where children without parents or those who have been abandoned come to stay. The State takes them in until they are 17 years old, at which time, they should be guaranteed accommodation and work. More often than not, however, these children are abandoned once again.
Where: At the Arca Village of Talgar, 30 km from Almaty.
Who: The centre is run by Father Guido Trezzani
When: 2000 The Arca Village is officially inaugurated.
2002 Co-operation with RBO begins.
2003 A house is bought to house more children, a canteen / kitchen is built to accommodate 80 people and a guest centre is built to house volunteers and guests. New work- orientated projects are initiated (cheese production and animal breeding).
2004 The Multifunctional Centre project is initiated; idea developed with a view to creating a place where educational services as well as medical-rehabilitative services can be offered to the Arca children as well as to other children in the surrounding area. In particular the centre would like to organise an experimental school, an orthopaedic clinic and educational c ourses and seminars organised by volunteers.
Update: The Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Board (“RBO”) in Italy decided, in its meeting on July 15th 2010 and after an accurate analysis of the possibilities, to donate to the Congo, Kosovo and Kazakhstan projects the funding for the next three years for the projects so far supported by the RBO. Donations were made in December 2010.


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