Project Kosovo
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What: The creation of a permanent rehabilitation centre for the disabled. The project included producing prosthetic limbs and the professional training of staff .
Why: From 1989 to 1998 the Albanese population of Kosovo struggled against repression under the Serbian Government. The war brought about the destruction of villages, caused hundreds of disabilities and people to become refugees. These people had to try to survive in a country devastated by the ravages of war, without electricity or any type of infrastructure.
Where: In the Handikos centre of Pristina, which is specialised in the treatment of disabilities. Handikos is the national association for the disabled in Kosovo..
Who: The project got started with the help of many friends and with the technical help of the Don Gnocchi Foundation, for the training of personnel.
When: 2000 Organisation and fund raising. Examination of contract tenders, ordering of a prefabricated structure and definition of executive plans for the building.
11 Nov. 2000 Inauguration of the Antonio and Roberto Rehabilitation Centre in Drenas (near Pristina) .
2001 Starting to train 32 Handikos in 11 Centres in Kosovo. This training was aimed to aid the disabled through physiotherapy and psychological therapy.
17 Mar. 2002
The end of the educational phase.
Update: The Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Board (“RBO”) in Italy decided, in its meeting on July 15th 2010 and after an accurate analysis of the possibilities, to donate to the Congo, Kosovo and Kazakhstan projects the funding for the next three years for the projects so far supported by the RBO. Donations were made in December 2010.


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