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How can this happen?
What is being done to help?
What we have to work with:
The Road is long
The AIDS treatment
Two patients with Dr. Spagnolli
What has been achieved
Patients with Dr. Spagnolli
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Project Zimbabwe

The problem: AIDS Zimbabwe is dying of AIDS.

  • Zimbabwe is the worst hit country in Africa. Every 4 in 10 people have AIDS.
  • Life expectancy has dropped to 38 yrs HIV positive child’s life expectancy –7 yrs.
  • A person dies of HIV every minute MORE than 1 in 5 children will be orphaned in 2010.
  • There are approx 1 million orphans in Zimbabwe due to the AIDS pandemic.

Geographic Location

How can this happen?

  • BEHAVIOUR: “condoms don’t prevent HIV”
  • STIGMA –denial: confusion with other manifestations of poverty
  • Unlike other diseases, AIDS kills the young and the strong
  • Annual health budget $8 per person Zimbabwe

How can we let these children suffer like this?

“The tragedy unfolding in this country is really too much to bear and we have to keep cool nerves to survive and be useful.”

What is being done to help?

Luisa Guidotti Hospital

Those suffering from AIDS are repetitively being turned away from other hospitals.

The Luisa Guidotti Hospital welcomes these people.

Caring for AIDS patients and children who have been orphaned, abandoned and abused.

It operates the first and ONLY FREE Antiretroviral programme treatment for AIDS patients in Zimbabwe.

What we have to work with:

Hospital Facilities:

  • 2 doctors, 25 trained nurses, 15 attendants
  • Pediatric ward (43 beds)
  • Maternity ward (40 beds, one delivery room and one nursery)
  • Male ward (29 beds)
  • Female ward (16 beds)
  • AIDS and isolation ward (16 beds)

General Services:

  • One radiophone
  • One computer
  • One x-ray machine, no x-rayprotection shield
  • Donated medication
  • Frequent power cuts
  • Two landcruisers
  • Zero Infrastructure
  • Nearest town: Harare (168 km)

The Road is long

…… but thanks to the combined efforts of …

…progress is being made. Lives are being saved.

The AIDS treatment

  • At April 22nd, 2004, the program HAART put in placeby the Luisa Guidotti Hospital with drugs provided by our Charity is taking care of 530 people, consisting of:-120 children - 410 adults, 10 of which are mothers under PMTCT PLUS program.
  • Following the WHO guidelines, it aims to make the PMTCT PLUSprogramme (Prevention of mother to child transmission plus treatment of the mother) available to a sizeable number of mothers.
  • Stanford University of California –CD4 analysis
  • Triple combination therapy–Videx-Zerit –Nevirapine –Lamivudine-Zidovudine

Two patients with Dr. Spagnolli

The baby was treated with Nevirapine at birth and the mother is undergoing antiretroviral treatment

What has been achieved?

  • 2002: Our aim was to provide medical care and hospital treatment to 100patients. We succeeded in caring for 150!
  • July 2003: 229 patients at our door. Financial ability to care for 200.
  • By the end of July:We managed to source Antiretroviral “generic”drugs which cost 1/3 of the price of previously used drugs -allowing us to gradually treat more patients. (Currently unsuitable for children)
  • At year end 2003 In excess of 400 patients were under care!

    The Guidotti hospital has reached an agreement where doctors recently graduated from the University of Catania,
    specialising in virology, can intern with Dr. Spagnolli and his team. Thereby, starting from April 2004, providing bilateral
    RBO succeeded in establishing a relationship between the L. Guidotti Hospital and the Stanford University in
    California. They are jointly aiming for a more cost effective and therefore more accessible method of conducting HIV
    analysis (CD4)
  • At April 22nd, 2004 the program HAART put in place by the Luisa Guidotti Hospital with drugs provided by our Charity is taking care
    of 530 people RBO purchased and supplied much laboratory equipment (including a Field CD4 Count Apparatus). Now on its way,
    by container, from Italy.

Patients with Dr. Spagnolli

The little girl at the left, 8, became blind at 1 as a consequence of AIDS and now lives at “St.Marcellino Village”, another of Dr.Spagnolli’s initiatives

You could be a part of this miracle


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