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What: To help a population suffering from the HIV virus, providing medical help and developing the PMTCT Plus programme (Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission and treatment of the mother).
Why: There are approximately one million orphans in Zimbabwe as a result of AIDS. Many die as a result of AIDS contracted from the mother at birth or from the hardship of a life without parents – no affection, insufficient food, no medical assistance, no education.
Where: At the Luisa Guidotti Hospital in Mutoko
Who: The hospital is directed by Dr. Marilena Pesaresi in collaboration with Dr. Carlo Spagnolli.
When: 2001 At the AGM of the Onlus, it is decided to start the Zimbabwe project, involving taking on the challenge of treating 100 children during the year 2002.

2002 The project begins; we managed to provide medical treatment to approximately 150 patients.

2003 Thanks to the support of the Onlus, more than 400 patients are under treatment by December 2003.

2004   The Antiretroviral Therapy Project, achieved through the provision of medication to be administered to HIV-positive patients, which had already received the scientific support of Stanford University in 2003, will receive help from the University of Catania, which will send two Virologists for a rotating period of six months to help on site.

The Onlus also purchased new HIV testing equipment.
At present, 530 patients are in treatment, 120 of which are children.

Aim: to have up to 600 patients under treatment.
Update: Roberto Bazzoni Onlus decided on 15 July 2010 its merger with “Associazione Amici Senatore Giovanni Spagnolli”. The merger took place on 26 May 2011. The name of the new entity resulting from the merger is “Associazione Spagnolli – Bazzoni Onlus”.

The Roberto Bazzoni Onlus Board (“RBO”) in Italy decided, in its meeting on July 15th 2010 and after an accurate analysis of the possibilities, to donate to the Congo, Kosovo and Kazakhstan projects the funding for the next three years for the projects so far supported by the RBO. Donations were made in December 2010.

Our main project, directly dealing with lives to be saved, which is the fight against AIDS in Zimbabwe, will be prosecuted beyond our initial financial support. This is because the new Charity will take on its shoulders the moral burden of ensuring that the life-saving treatments will not be interrupted. It was the same moral engagement that the RBO’s Members accepted on 3 December 2001, when it was resolved to start the Zimbabwe project. The number of patients affected by AIDS we are now treating is approximately 2,000.


© 2011 Roberto Bazzoni Onlus, a charitable or non-profit organization, merged on 26 May 2011 with “Associazione Amici Senatore Giovanni Spagnolli”.
The name of the new entity resulting from the merger is “Associazione Spagnolli – Bazzoni Onlus”.